Underwater imaging system

Teledyne Reson

We are developing durable solutions for great depths

shute NOV

We develop equipment

for offshore industries in harsh environments

in harsh environments

Design and production

Food industry

Compliant with the latest regulations in the food industry

Our expertise in industrial design ensures prompt, professional consulting.

Larsen & Brusgaard
Development of new altimeters with Larsen and Brusgaard

Larsen & Brusgaard

Assignment: Develop safe and easy to use altimeters to Larsen & Brusgaard

Packaging for many purposes


Assignment: Design of packaging for sales display

Teledyne Reson A/S
All parts of the product development

Teledyne Reson A/S

Assignment: Drawing/further development of Condol (hydrodynamic steel construction) located under the ship where the Sonar equipment is in the set.


Choosing Liborius means choosing innovation and experience, which leads to market success. We specialize in packaging design, engineering and consultancy.



Our business philosophy - to make the process from ideation to finished product as short and smooth as possible.

Product development:

Product development:

From user needs to emerging technologies, we offer tested methodologies for superior outcomes. Contact us in the initial phase of your project to achieve the best possible results.

Product Maturation

Product Maturation

For product maturation to occur we consider all areas including compliance, testing, and evaluation. Our involvement during the start-up phase will allow you to meet all of your performance objectives.

What customers say about us

  • "Liborius is a very competent partner in the development and production of our castings."

How we work

W. Olsen & SON

An increased precision from the start means easier access to production,
and a reduction in development costs.